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WHO WE ARE = Protagonists

Social Centric Institute, SCi (pronounced "sky"), is a Phoenix Arizona based non-profit and learning community.  With one-on-one or small group coaching, community events, professional development, and workshop intensives, we train anyone to be healers of historical trauma.  When more people understand implicit bias and the intersections of race with all identities, they enhance capacities to share power:  in relationships, within families, among friends or coworkers, in places of worship, on teams, in industry or institutions, and society overall.  We believe holistic progress that doesn’t hurt the ecosphere and serves all Earth’s peoples is possible.  Please work with us, be better than history!

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Develop healers of historical trauma around racial intersections, class, religion, gender, and environmental disruption to help all peoples live better together.

SCi Wage Peace Warriors

"If truth causes discomfort, then lies have been both comforting and comfortable."

Calvin Terrell, SCi Founder

Click here to see Calvin Terrell's TED talk

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What a journey "to" and "with" Social Centric Institute looks like...

Protagonist invetigates SCi art

1st:  There's curiosity and

recognition of a need for action...

A Protagonist is someone, some group, or some organization desiring betterment, change, education, equity, greater unity, or solutions.  This Protagonist contacts SCi.

SCi builds bridges

Then:  There's collaboration

and development of better habits...

After contacting SCi with questions or participating in Social Centric events, experiences, and or training, Protagonists build relationships to assist one another achieve meaning and purpose while serving.

SCi Protagonists share power

Now:  Protagonist serve and

share learning with the SCi community.

A SCi learning community of Protagonists witness measurable transformations of individuals, communities, and institutions with regards to healing historical traumas.  This learning is investigated and made accessible, in relevant meaningful ways, for all communities and demographics to use in their approaches for the betterment of society.

"Social Centric helps us rediscover our own power and agency in reconciling, affirming, and restoring our collective humanity."

                       -SCi Protagonist, Warren Taylor / School Advocate,

Equity & ELD Specialist for Minnesota Dept. of Education

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