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Social Centric's roots spring from St. Louis, Missouri.  In the fall of 1990 and spring of 91, three kind hearts were stolen from the world.  In the fall, Rudy was killed because he was black and in the spring, Julie and Robin were killed because they were women.  Calvin Terrell, the founder of SCi, loved these three souls.  He took some bad turns out of hurt masked as anger.  He made a 180 degree turn to honor their memory and teach peace, especially to children and youth.  "Social Centric" was a phrase developed by Calvin and Andre, another close friend.  Following his heart, Calvin moved to Phoenix, AZ and began working with the Baha'i community, other faith groups, as well as schools and civic organizations wanting to create nurturing healthy environments for all peoples.  He served as assistant director for the National Conference of Christians & Jews/Anytown USA program and taught middle school Social Studies.  After leaving the NCCJ/Anytown, he continued to collaborate with them and launched Social Centric as a justice for all consulting business for organizations throughout the country in 1995.  His work was so effective that it sparked organizations such as Harpo, inc. Oprah Winfrey's production company to seek him out and contract his services for the entire production team.  In the year 2000, the city Phoenix honored him with the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Living the Dream award for his dedication to human rights.  Calvin created SCi because this work is bigger than a person or personalities.  Change requires a movement of communities, institutions, and peoples dedicated and equipped to sustain a life-long journey.  Social Centric Institute is one "peace" of that greater global movement. Humankind and the Earth are literally crying for an evolutionary maturation of All Relations, SCi serves this process arm and arm with others.

SCi Story

Since 1997,  Calvin and other Protagonists have served as an informal Social Centric movement collaborating with dedicated individuals and organizations (schools, agencies, and other non-profits).  In 2015, SCi began the non-profit development process; it's now official!  SCi aspires to be unnecessary because healing will be evident in the material, social, and spiritual progress of all peoples without causing harm to the ecosphere.  SCi inspires all ages, backgrounds, beliefs, colors or phenotype of people to serve the betterment of the world as selfless Protagonists.  With policies and habits of oppression so embedded into every fabric of society, a dedicated well equipped Social Centric Protagonist is an antagonizing force to disrupt injustice, obliviousness, and cruelty; this work is hard.  SCi is a family of dedicated people from many threads and realities who are wealthy with a vast array of experiences, education, capacities, and skills.  We want to grow the SCi family while simultaneously supporting our families and collaborating with yours.  Earth demands that we be good Ancestors now. Work with us to be better than history instead of combating or warring to out do each other!


"SCi is uniquely qualified to create compassionate and honest space for people to be seen and to have there existence valued.  SCi's embrace of the socio-economic and cultural context of a community makes for effective meaningful human development opportunities.  If your organization is interested in deep transformation to carry out your mission, hire or partner with SCi."

- SCi Protagonist, Dr. Raquel Gutierrez / Director of Leadership & Learning Advancement, Hispanics in Philanthropy

Social Centric Initiatives Board of Protagonists

Board Chair

Janey Pearl-Starks

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Ebbie Wirick

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Dr. Chandra Cudrup

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Kim Aiello


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Kelly Aiello


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Calvin Terrell


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