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"At a time when hate, greed, and mistrust are resurgent in our culture and day to day lives, Calvin Terrell and Social Centric Initiatives (SCi) are architects of change. Cutting through the pretense and niceties that too often derail well-intentioned people, Calvin and SCi deliver innovative programming, engage in tireless community outreach and model an unwavering commitment to justice that is sorely needed in our world. Calvin and SCi show us both what is possible and what is needed, and the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy at Arizona State University is proud to be affiliated with them."

- SCi Protagonists, Deborah Cox / Assistant Director & Sarah Herrera / Program Manager
Arizona State University Center for Study of Race & Democracy (CSRD)

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Generate Solutions

Training & Workshops

Social Centric Institute offers a variety of powerful programs designed to engage Protagonists in personal reflection and developing habits of justice.  Current available programs include:

  • Virtues & Violences:  1 Day Experience, 6 Day Workshop Intensive, & Training of Trainers

    • A philosophy and approach for sustaining healthy relationships, communities, and organizations.

    • A unifying language and reference point for collaborations, culture building, and social transformation.

    • A baseline for measuring equity, healing, and progress.

  • SCi Proclamation Experience:  Can be tailored for specific communities, organizations or goals

    • An interactive multi-sensory and multidisciplinary workshop, as well as follow-up curriculum.

    • Participants are engaged with artistic expressions, dialogue, and experiential activities facilitated by the SCi Team.

    • This is an awareness skill building educational process to inspire collaboration to heal the impacts of racism in issues of class, gender, religion, environmental disruption, and any identity issue of the human experience.

  • WAGE PEACE:  Hosted by SCi or tailored for groups/organizations (schools, places of worship, community centers, etc.)

    • A youth collaboration curriculum and empowerment training for preventing abuses and biased discrimination.

    • A safe sober intergenerational community and movement that engages in regular service projects.

    • A space to share power, goals, network, and support healthy endeavors for the betterment of the world.

Trainings & Workshops: Service
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