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"The SCi team of facilitators work alongside communities and organizations to address and identify obstacles to equity and justice.  They then work in partnership with those entities to re-imagine systems that create pathways to solutions."

                                                                          - SCi Protagonist, Richard Crews / Founder of Radicle Solutions Group

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Transform Our Communities

Neighborhood Meetings

Social Centric Institute sets up in parking lots, backyards, gyms, parks, or any space​ available to build and better community.  A neighborhood is where people eat, sleep, and live, but community is an intention to grow together.  The SCi team is flexible and sensitive to all demographics or circumstances.  Diversity and inclusion are defined in diverse ways requiring flexible facilitation to "unpack" varying perceptions around oppression, power, privilege, and equity.  If you desire connected community, a healthy community, a service oriented community, then collaborate with SCi to bring people together.

Trainings & Workshops: Service
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