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“Social Centric Initiatives, has without question, moved the hearts of minds of hundreds of soon-to-be-teachers toward a more just and equitable world. They leave their sessions vowing to be better listeners, friends, teachers, and humans.”

- SCi Protagonist, Dr Paula Lancaster / Professor & Dept. Chair
at Grand Valley State University College of Education

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Discover What Works


Social Centric Institute is a heuristic learning community and movement.  With constant review of data from varying sources while compiling our own learning, SCi aspires to find what "moves the needle" with regards to justice, neighborhood safety, public health, clean/safe air-land-water-energy for community ownership and protection, as well as cooperative economic endeavors that cause no harm to the ecosphere.  If anyone had the "answer" to social ills, Social Centric Institute would not exist.  Help us build bodies of research that are accessible, easily applicable, and relevant to any demographic.  The orange "Kickstarters" button is a link to prompts that SCi encourages people to read or use to generate dialogue.  The green "Points of Reference" button is linked to lists of books, documentaries, articles or studies, and pop culture media to be investigated or used in generating dialogues. Share your experiences, learning, and unique ways you develop to find what works with regards to healing.

Trainings & Workshops: Service
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