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"SCi supports school systems seeking to build capacity in leadership teams to provide equitable environments for students, families, and educators (certified and classified).  The lens of social justice is always focused on the work SCi provides to educators."

                        -SCi Protagonist, Dr Margaret Santa Cruz / Assistant Director Teacher Induction, Retention & Mentoring, Fine Arts, Health & Wellness, & Social Studies at Cartwright Elementary School District

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Develop Our Capacities


One-on-one or small group dialogues can be transformative.  Our coaches gracefully meet people "where they are" to draw out their latent strengths for achieving diversity or justice related goals.  If you are charged with administrative responsibilities, needing to create an experience (event, keynote presentation, training, etc.), long term plan, or maybe you're struggling with confronting your own implicit bias and hurtful mindset; SCi Coaches will be your best co-pilots.  SCi Coaches accompany and sponsor people in their sobering justice journey by creating a non-judgemental, yet discerning relationship for disclosure of struggles, confidential conversations, and development of healthy habits.  We don't try to seal long contracts or create dependency.  A SCi Coach strives to put themselves out of a job, because you will be equipped, ready, and tell others who helped you get that way.

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