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Social Centric Race Pre-Reads:

These are 16 pages of excerpts from articles, books, essays, as well as discussion prompts related to racial intersectionality.  This is a great tool for preparing to do deeper work around diversity and inclusion, implicit bias, racism, oppression, power, privilege, healing and justice.  These are also meant to be prompts for generating investigations with all peoples about the assertions and concepts on the pages.  Please contact SCi with any questions and also to share any experiences, feedback, or learning you generate by using these materials.  Good journey. 

National Alliance Information

There are many hate groups that "euphemize" their intentions or titles as "white identity" or "white nationalist" organizations.  Refer to these same groups as "racist," name their hidden racism or call out similar ideologies in the rhetoric of individuals (family, friends, politicians, etc.), of any so-called race or phenotype, as white supremacist thinking, and you will witness a white fragility of unaccountable evasion and cowardice.  Please read this info and recognize that this is not "white supremacy," this is the most flagrant or overt symptom of a "white supremacist" history and social order.  Please reflect on what other spaces and faces of current society have you witnessed similar beliefs expressed in intentional, accidental or subconscious ways.  The most dangerous people are the ones that believe this way, but are oblivious to the truth of their core beliefs; they are the easiest to be manipulated.  We must invite them to liberate their hearts, minds, and spirits from these violent superstitions.  

Social Centric Racial Intersection Dialogue Prompt

Colonial thinking is inherently fragmented, violent, and environmentally suicidal.  Race or more specifically, "whiteness," was constructed as an idea to divide indentured servants, slaves, or peasants of old Europe from uniting with populations indigenous to the lands being invaded and the enslaved kidnapped from lands now called Africa.  Often when race "pops up," it is positioned as separate or even competing with other identity issues.  This is colonial fragmented thinking.  To elevate discourse and develop more effective action toward racial healing, Social Centric Institute offers a simple and profound prompt to "unpack" how race impacts everything all the time every time.  There is a spectrum of diverse identities with the human race that has been divided by the colonial creations of "whiteness, otherness, and blackness."  SCi offers you this simple and profound visual representation of the white-black binary construct, that weaponizes "lightness" and "darkness" to "color" the way we perceive anything.  Consider how everyday phrases in the sentence after this could impact subconscious senses of superiority or inferiority within a social order built on the framework this document displays.  Again, consider phrases such as "white blood cell, white lie, and white wedding" or "red scare, yellow belly, and brown noser" and finally "black magic, black mail, and that movie was black or dark."  Use this document to elevate your conversations and deepen your understanding of how race impacts and intersects with EVERYTHING all the time every time.  Conservative denial and liberal obliviousness impedes maturation of racial discourse.  This tool can help in the evolution of understanding around racial intersections.  Varying approaches are needed in a social order where the oppressed are most effected and the privileged are the most afflicted.

Social Centric Racial Order Analogy & Prompt

This analogy uses the concept of weather patterns, agriculture, and environmental conditions to demonstrate how insidiously woven white god complexes and white violence is in our entire existence.  There are natural weather patterns and then there are unnatural patterns resulting from human god complexes.  Use this to generate your own analogies and creative ways to "teach fish what wet is."  This can be helpful for people that see "racism" or "white supremacy" as exclusively overt acts of hatred and racial terrorism.  This analogy can be a starting point to investigate how these issues are mostly subtle, yet sinister by design.  SCi encourages everyone to tenaciously use the arts beyond the distraction of entertainment and spectacle.  SCi employ arts routinely; they can be potent instruments for investigating "truth."

Social Centric Healing/Service Reflection

Any person of any background, belief, color or pigmentation, and phenotype or so-called race, can be an agent of:

- white god complexes

- white violences

- white supremacy

- and white fragility.

If we are to progress as a whole human race beyond these historical traumas, in ways that cause no harm to the ecosphere, then herculean sustainable habits must be developed.  This is another gift from Social Centric Institute to audit the truth of individuals, communities, and organizations' readiness, as well as roles with regards to healing.  Use this to get to your brutal truth.  If you need help or desire collaboration, contact us.  In Lak Ech-Ubuntu!

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