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Social Centric Institute specializes in addressing how all peoples of all colors and identity spectrums can become part of world betterment.  SCi can also design custom programming and tailor approaches to meet specific needs.

"When the State Education Resource Center (SERC) began its journey of self-discovery and self-evaluation alongside critical thinkers in the field of social justice and racial equity, Calvin Terrell became not only a supporting resource, but an instrumental agent of organizational and transformational change for our agency.  Since 2004, Calvin has supported SERC in elevating the discourse of social justice, racial equity, and the importance of humanity in Connecticut’s schools.  Calvin’s powerful and poignant delivery has shaken the consciousness of youth, educators, administrators, legislators, and community leaders to the core of their own beliefs and biases.  Calvin has guided SERC to understand that in order to dismantle systems of oppression that perpetuate injustices within our communities, we must be intentional about our approach.  Our appreciation for Calvin and his amazing organization, Social Centric Institute (SCi), is founded in our reciprocal agreement that we must advocate for the healing of our land as we collectively restore the power of humanity.  Every time Calvin visits us in Connecticut, his spirit of hope remains.  During this uncertain time, we need the power of Calvin’s hope."

- SCi Protagonist, Ingrid Canady / Executive Director Connecticut State Education Resource Center (SERC)

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